Slovnaft Polska S.A. is the initiator of the 'Slovnaft Partner' program launched in 2006 and gaining more and more recognition and renown of the Partners since then.

The cooperation offer is aimed at owners of private refuelling stations and the innovative cooperation system sets new quality standards in business relations between a fuel company and a private operator. 'Slovnaft Partner' network consists of trusted refuelling stations distinguished by Slovnaft logo and 'Drive' refined fuels. Several dozens of partner stations are a part to the program currently and their number is constantly growing. The 'Slovnaft Partner' network offers a wide range of the technologically advanced Drive fuels developed by MOL Group in cooperation with renowned foreign concerns. The additives used in 'Drive' fuels have been selected based on analysis of latest trends in the field of engine construction, results of in-depth laboratory research and engine testing as well as based on many years' experience in motor fuels additives.

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