Lubrication technology consulting

Selecting the right lubricant? Technical problem? General issues? – our expert team with years of vast experience can provide you with practical answers to all your lubrication-related questions!


Take great care of lubricants!

Lubricants exert significantly greater effects on the effective operation of machinery, engines, vehicles and equipment than many of us would think.

They have definite effects on reliability, maintenance costs and lifetimes. Properly selected and professionally used, lubricants can significantly contribute to your company’s profitability.


Make use of the opportunities offered by lubricants!

Expertise and experience are vitally important to the correct application of lubricants and to maximising exploitation of hidden opportunities for greater efficiency.

With years of experience, our expert team is ready to help you in any lubrication-related issue whether it is selecting the right lubricant or a technical problem.


You can also apply our experts’ competences and knowledge!

Our highly qualified tribology experts will help you in any lubrication issue!

Lubrication selection

We will help you prepare a lubricant portfolio optimised for each machine part and perfectly complying with the relevant technical requirements.

Our recommendations will also address realistically achievable fuel-driven energy-saving opportunities.

Solutions for special tasks

We are at your disposal to resolve one-off and special tasks related to the lubrication of machinery and any other eventual problems.

Supporting cost efficient operation

With the help of our highly specialised machine status monitoring system based on oil diagnostics, our engineers will participate in setting up a status monitoring system for you and will then evaluate relevant oil sample laboratory test results so as to develop recommendations for required actions based on conclusions drawn during the process.

Ensuring sustainability

Protection of the environment is our common responsibility. By providing appropriate professionalism and expertise we seek to ensure that lubricants expose no danger to the environment.

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Lubricants Expert
Specialization: engine oils, gas engine oils, autochemicals
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