MOL EcoClean-W

MOL EcoClean-W

Motor washer fluid

Water-based de-greasing fluid that enables effective and rapid cleaning of metallic surfaces, vehicle under-structures, motor components or parts, tools, storage and transportation tanks, tankers, workshop floors and tiles polluted with oil, grease or other difficult to remove dirt or debris. It is also excellent for de-greasing machined components treated with temporary corrosion protectives, prior to further processing.


  • Cleaning of vehicle surfaces contaminated with oil, grease or bitumen
  • Cleaning of railway tank wagons and underground tanks
  • Cleaning of plant floors and tile surfaces
  • Degreasing sheets treated with temporary preventive oil, prior to machining
Product featuresBenefits
Optimized active ingredient content
  • Efficiently removes even the most tenacious deposits
Solvent-free composition
  • Safe application, even in the presence of ignition sources
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