MOL Favorit 2

MOL Favorit 2

Lithium complex lubricating grease

A multi-purpose lubricating grease with good mechanical stability, providing adequate lubrication for longer.


  • High temperature applications
  • Heavy-duty sliding and rolling bearings
  • Bearings of electromotors
  • Road and railway wheel bearings
  • Individual lubrication systems
Product featuresBenefits
Multipurpose lubricating grease
  • Wide range of applicability enables reduction of the number of lubricating oils
  • Warehousing and maintenance costs are reduced
  • Problems due to mixing of lubricating greases are minimized
Long lifetime
  • Re-greasing cycle time can be increased, economical application
Excellent mechanical and storage stability
  • Retains stable structure under load, so no softening of lubricating grease and no running off the lubrication point
  • Lubricating grease can be stored for long a period without oil separation, hardening or softening
Excellent load-carrying properties
  • Forms a continuous lubricating film that does not break even under dynamic load conditions
Excellent static water resistance
  • No softening or runing off the lubrication point in wet, humid environments
Excellent wear protection
  • Reduced wear of contacting surfaces, even under varying operating conditions
  • Improved operational safety and high level of availibility
Excellent tackiness
  • Forms a stable and uniform lubricating film, which is not squeezed from between contacting surfaces even under heavy loads
  • Prevents metallic contact at low speeds
Exceptional thermal and oxidation stability
  • No hardening of lubricating grease at high temperatures and minimum oil separation
Resistant to vibration
  • Lubricating grease structure remains stable; grease does not soften or run off the greasing point
Excellent corrosion protection
  • Extreme long term protection of steel and non-ferrous metal parts
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Data sheets

Performance levels, approvals

DIN 51502: KP2N-30
ISO 6743-9: L-XCDEB 2

Typical properties

Appearancebrownish yellow, tacky
Base oil viscosity at 40 °C [mm2/s]200
Dropping point [°C]270
Penetration after 60 strokes at 25 °C [0,1 mm]280
Penetration change after 10000 strokes at 25 °C [0,1 mm]20
Shell Roll stability (100 °C/24h) penetration change [0,1 mm]30
Four ball test, weld load [N]2800
Timken OK load [Lb]40
Oxidation stability at 100 h / 100 °C pressure drop [kPa]25
Copper corrosion (100 °C, 24 h) [grade]1
Dynamic water - resistance at 79 °C [mass %]2
Static water resistance at 90 °C [grade]1-90
Oil separation [mass %]0,5
Wheel Bearing Leakage [mass %]0,5

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