MOL Essence engine oils with triple antioxidant protection

The triple antioxidant protection in our MOL Essence engine oils successfully inhibits the harmful effects of free radicals primarily responsible for the aging of motor oils, thus significantly extending the life spans of both motor oils and engines alike.

State-of-the-art engines operate at very high temperatures which puts considerable stress on the motor oils used. Damaging free radicals are generated in motor oil when it comes into contact with the harmful components of fuel combustion products and oxygen. Free radicals accelerate motor oil aging and reduce its performance, so engine life spans are reduced.

Triple antioxidant protection for a longer engine life

The special additives in MOL Essence range of motor oils successfully inhibit the motor oil aging process, provide maximum protection against the harmful effects of free radicals and thus significantly extend the life spans of motor oil and engine alike. On top of this, the carefully balanced additive system of the formula provides triple antioxidant protection compared to conventional motor oils boosting engine life spans.

MOL Essence motor oils proved performance

MOL Essence 5W-40 motor oil kept a life span reserve of more than 60% at the end of the 100-hour test, which represents the most severe possible use.*

*Based on the durability testing of MOL Motor Oil

Conventional motor oil

Deposits and wear that form on the piston when using conventional motor oil.

MOL Essence

The piston remains free of deposits longer with MOL Essence triple antioxidant protection

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