The Company’s major area of operations is wholesale trading in liquid fuels which includes the imports, storage and wholesale of fuels.

We offer our customers high quality motor fuels, aviation fuels and Panta racing fuels.

Slovnaft does not limit itself only to the role of a fuel supplier. Our objective is to make lasting partnerships with wholesale customers, especially with those who have a clear growth strategy and are willing to increase their market share together with SLOVNAFT in order to stay ahead of competition.

In all the wholesale activities, SLOVNAFT POLSKA follows a simple rule of being responsive to customers’ needs and expectations, deriving satisfaction from our customers’ success. SLOVNAFT can provide a "protective umbrella" for all its wholesale partners thanks to the potential of the MOL Group which manages six refineries with the total annual production of over 18 m tons of oil and over 1,200 petrol stations in nine countries,. However, the size of the company should not overwhelm anybody. Despite its advanced procedures, SLOVNAFT POLSKA can operate in a flexible manner and adjust to every customer’s needs.

Why is it worthwhile becoming a SLOVNAFT Partner? One of the reasons is that our Partners are guaranteed continuous and on-time deliveries of fuel, which ensures them stability of operation. Moreover, the company pays special attention to efficient and professional service. The best proof of our care for our customers is that the company does not limit its services to selling fuel, but strives to keep in touch with customers’ concerns on daily basis in order to offer the customers better and better conditions. Partnership obliges.