SLOVNAFT POLSKA SA is 100% owned by SLOVNAFT Bratislava holding.

It originates from a pre-war refinery, Apollo. An oil company was established in 1895 in Budapest. Its refinery was developed near the centre of Bratislava, in a district named Apollo (hence the name of the refinery). It was one of the first refineries in Central Europe to boast a wide range and high quality of its products. In addition to gasoline, liquid paraffin and candles, it even manufactured artificial ice for radiators used for producing paraffin.

The refinery was nearly completely destroyed during the Second World War. Quickly rebuilt, it restarted its operations in 1948 under the name SLOVNAFT. The refinery complex in Wilcze Gardlo near Bratislava already existed at the time. After Apollo was closed in 1963, the production was relocated there.

SLOVNAFT, a state-owned enterprise, was transformed into a joint-stock company in 1992 as part of the general privatisation program. In 2000 MOL, a Hungarian oil concern, purchased a block of SLOVNAFT's shares (36.2%), which laid the foundations for development of a regional, Central-European concern. In 2003 MOL increased its capital employment in SLOVNAFT. Acquisition of SLOVNAFT's controlling interest (70.02%) resulted in an even higher degree of integration between the companies. At present MOL is owner of 98% of SLOVNAFT's shares.

MOL (Magyar Olaj és Gázipari) was established in 1991 in Budapest as a result of a merger of nine smaller companies. It engages in extraction of crude oil and natural gas, refining of crude oil and distribution of generated petroleum products and gas. It was the first significant oil and gas company in the region that has been privatised.

At present MOL Group is operating as an international oil and gas concern in more than 40 countries and it has 27 thousand employees. Besides exploration and extraction of raw materials, MOL Group has been developing its activity in the hydrocarbons sector for 75 years with its plants in eight countries and licences for searching raw materials in 14 countries. MOL Group also manages four refineries and two petrochemical plants in Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia. It also has a network of around 2 thousand service stations in 11 countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe.