Steady, sustainable development as a key element of business activity

One of MOL Group's long-term, strategic goals is adding value to support all of the stakeholders. This means that besides ensuring a return on investment we want to conduct exemplary business operations, in line with the principles of steady and sustainable development, contributing to protection of social and economic values. We are convinced that operations in line with sustainable development standards indicates a higher standard of adding value, leading to optimum economic decisions. Therefore our principle states that sustainable development should be an integral part of MOL's business operations and should be included in its applicable operating strategies. Sustainable development is also an element of the Group's mission, vision and value.

The basic principles of sustainable development:


  • We strive for combining the economic, ecological and social aspects in taking our decisions and day-to-day management of our operations, adopting an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Improvement is our objective. We observe the precautionary principle in handling ecological and social issues in order to minimise potential negative effects of our activity.
  • We assume full responsibility for our actions and undertake to provide equal opportunities to the present and future generation.
  • We take interest of all stakeholders into account and make long-term plans in our operating activity and decision-making.
  • We observe the principle of transparency in our relations with internal and external stakeholders. We actively communicate with them in order to prove our involvement and achievements.
  • We are pioneers in developing and implementing innovative solutions contributing to a balanced and sustainable activity.
  • We assume responsibility for promoting the values of steady and sustainable development amongst our employees and the society in general.
  • We concentrate on issues significant for MOL Group and the stakeholders.