Code of ethics

The Group's first Ethical Code drawn up for all subsidiaries and affiliated companies was issued in 2007.

International standards and best practice as well as internal policies and experience were taken into consideration at drawing up the current version that was implemented in 2010 for the purpose of improving the ability to satisfy stakeholders' expectations and support its consistent use in everyday work.

The Ethical Code aims at providing a complete review of ethical standards that MOL Group considers as essential for their actions inside and outside of the group to all stakeholders. MOL Group expects stakeholders to observe these standards, and support identification with them and management of ethical issues as well as support the process of reporting adherence to the ethical issues. The Code presents ethical standards that should be observed in a summary form, emphasizes potential violations of the code, presents guidelines that make it easier to identify with and manage ethical issues, and explain how to report violation of the Ethical Code. All key management members and employees of MOL Group's companies are obliged to adhere to the code.

MOL Group's Business Partners Ethical Code is a summary of MOL Group's Ethical Code and includes standards that we find particularly important in our business relations and expect our business partners to observe.