Our achievement in 2016 is mainly the extension of Slovnaft Partner stations network. The most spectacular example is opening, in May, of the first motorway Slovnaft Partner station in Gorzyczki, by A1 motorway - the last station before the border with Czech Republic. The station, built by our long-time partner Uniwar company, offers four types of fuel in 14 stands, including two, which are completely automatic, enabling to buy petrol only with petrol cards. Apart from traditional fuel and LPG, you can also buy compressed natural gas (CNG) at the station. The stations' offer also includes: a shop with a restaurant, big car park for lorries and buses, as well as a recreation area for drivers.

We are constantly trying to make Slovnaft partner stations more recognisable and attractive on the local market, by attractive external visualisation containing "Slovnaft Partner" logo, which should translate into greater number of customers. Also, partner relations with the stations' owners and low costs of participation in our program are important to us.

Until now, we only delivered fuel to Slovnaft Partner stations. Now, we also want to offer acceptance of MOL Group and other renowned operators' fuel cards, at chosen Slovnaft Partner stations. It is a big step in the development of Slovnaft Partner program. Thanks to solutions such as the aforementioned acceptance of cards, we support the sales of our partners, by attracting drivers, who had not had the chance to come across our station before. Together with partners, we are trying to develop our program and offer for customers, for instance, we are planning to introduce coffee and food facilities, or tools for having discount programs at the stations.